Monday, July 26, 2010

Manic Monday

My Life in Pictures: Day 1
Psycho: Hula Bunny Version

Hula Bunny takes personal checks, cash, and credit cards for his "hula hooping show". But don't be fooled by Hula Bunny, he's not just a crazy drunk bunny man. After midnight, when he comes to visit, he'll be looking for more than carrots. So start running now, because if you see Hula Bunny knocking on your front door, you know it's the end!

The above picture was taken last year on the way to a convention in Milwaukee. The picture is a little fuzzy because I took in a truck going 55 miles an hour (he was speeding, should have been going 25 miles an hour) Some random guy (we think he was drunk) was hula hooping wearing a bunny costume. It was pretty hilourous. Talk about a crazy city! Random things are always happening. If you saw the earlier post, there was (now confirmed) THREE sinkholes. Two houses, and one car fell in sinkholes. And about two and a half years ago, there was so much flooding everywhere that an entire street was washed out by my house. People were basically swimming to school! It was pretty bad.

Recently, we had American Idol auditons. I hear some of my friends tried out for fun. I have yet to hear if they made it or not...but I think it would be pretty sweet if they did!
Today has been one of those "Manic Monday"s. I'm not sure if you have heard of the song. It was by the Bangles. There are many interruptions of the song, but I like the part "These are the days when you wish your bed was already made"
I was up really late last night trying to get some last minute things done, and of course, when you stay up late, it seems like you are just went to sleep when you wake up. When my alarm started annoylying beeping at 6 am, I wanted to chuck it against the brick wall. I almost did too-and then my dogs started barking.
And once I finally got to work, some lady called to ask about a problem. I calmly tried to help her, and she started screaming at me. After a ten minute lecture on things I have absolutly no control over, she hung up. Gee, thanks a lot.
Things just got worse after that.
The new girl had fifty million questions to ask; she's really not "new" anymore. But she seems to think that she is....and continues to act like it, giggling all the time and going "opps, I forgot about" ha ha and then laughing like a hienna.
It wouldn't be that big of a problem, if we had more employees right now. But since we don't, having her borrow me for "questions" every two seconds is not very productive. And then IMing me "I'm bored" isn't a good idea either!
And I think that the stress of that really rude lady (it's annoying to be yelled at by someone you don't know...but it's easier to yell at someone you can't see because then you don't feel bad, so I think that's why she kept on going) and the "new" employee made me start to forget my job! Or maybe it was just "one of those days" but I definatly took longer to show the instructor how to do something I should have been able to do in ten minutes.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
"If I didn't wake up, I'd still be sleeping" Yogi Berri [I really wish I were!]

Friday, July 23, 2010

There were huge storms here yesterday! It was pretty intense! They were rattling the windows and my poor dog was freaking out! I felt so bad for him. I tried to hold him, but nothing seemed to work!

Then I came to work today, and found out that there was a huge sinkhole yesterday and an SUV fell through the hole!

And then...

a house falls in a sinkhole! I can't imagine if I was standing in my kitchen and all of a sudden I looked down and saw that I was in a hole in the ground!

I feel so lucky that nothing happened to our house or our dogs, since the storm ripped through everything around us!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heads up:

I'm probably going to be revamping this whole thing in the next couple days, or getting rid of it because of all the spam/negative comments I've been getting. I really don't care about other people's opinions and this blog was only created as a spot to record thoughts, but I'd still like to start fresh.

So, if you do actually read my blog, and actually like it (despite really random posts, long absences of posts), you should post below so that I know you are interested. Let me know if I should start a new blog, or if you think I should start over!

My idea for starting over? I want to create a blog with the theme "Captured in a Picture" and take one picture everyday and then blog my random thoughts under it.

Let me know what you think!