Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When inspiration comes, we must grab it while we have the chance.

A long time ago, I came across this post on a site:

You don’t need to judge me
I do enough of that myself.
Thanks for the criticism
I will get to it when
I have dealt with my own.
You don’t need to blame me
I have that covered as well.
What I want from you
is unconditional love
as I am unable to
do that for myself!

At the time, I just really liked it. I was going through a bad time, and I felt as though all people were doing was judging me and my reaction to the situation at the time. It struck me how we often blame the victim, or whoever it is that we know verus the other person, who we don't know.

Why is that we often hold back how we are really feeling? Is it because we are scared of what others will say? Are we scared to show just how much we are hurting? This world can be a crule and unforgiving place. We often make jokes about survival of the fittest, but sadly, isn't that what is most often true?

"Letting go of all I've held onto....
standing here until you make me move."

What if we could live our life without holding back? If we could just fall apart with no fear of the thoughts of others? Put everything that makes us US out there for everyone to see, to see us as we truly are. If we could strip ourselves of our insecruities, hatred, hurts, and anger for the one thing we all crave....

I want to love the world, but I don't have the power to do that. It can be emotionally draining to take on the hurts, pains and insecruities of others. And that is why I turn to God when I'm stressed out or needing to just releash it all. God has the power to handle it all, the love to keep us renewed, and the grace to forgive.

"His love is eternal." Psalm 136